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2010 - Glossary of People and Concepts

Ansar ,camps
The names of the detention camps in which Israel held thousands of Palestinians during the pre-Oslo Process period.
Ironically, this is also the name of the detention camps that the Palestinians established for IDF soldiers following
the occupation of Israel (after the War of 2010).

Ara Valley, a central highway leading North Israel.
One of two ways leading to the Yizrael Valley and Galilee. The highway goes through Arab communities,
including the Arab city of Um El Fahem.

Arafat, Yasser - the President of the State of Palestine and its founder
One of the top terrorists in modern history, the President of the State of Palestine, and its founder.
Arrived with his army from Tunisia to the area of Judea, Samaria and Gaza in the framework of the Oslo Agreement.

Armored Carrier, an armored vehicle designed to transport troops.

Barak, Ehud - former Israeli Prime Minister
Former Prime Minister of Israel, served as the IDF Chief of Staff, leader of the Labor Party and Israeli Prime Minister.
During his cadence as the Prime Minister, he decided to "forcibly" make peace with Yasser Arafat,
and dragged Israel into the war at the end of 2001 and beginning of 2002, as described in my previous story,
called "le Deluge". In Reality, Barak did not survived (politically) until end of 2001.

Barghouti, Marwan, Palestinian leader
Leader of the "Tenezim" in the Palestinian Authority. Involved in the management and initiation of acts of terror
by the Tenezim organization against the IDF and the citizens of the State of Israel. As of today, Barghouti stands on a trial,
in an Israeli court,as a TERROR CRIMINAL. Yasser Arafat's heir, after his death.

Barkai, Kibbutz
A kibbutz located in the Ara Valley. South of this kibbutz, there are Jewish settlements, and north of the kibbutz,
the way north is filled with Arab villages until after Megido.

Barzilai, hospital
Located in the city of Ashqelon.

Ben-Gurion International Airport, airport
Israel's main airport, located in Lod. The airport is located a distance of several kilometers from Palestinian communities.

Berez, Shimon
A fictitious name. One of the leaders of the leftist bloc. In his twilight days, became the President of the State of Israel.

Bohen, Dan - leftist leader
A fictitious name. One of the leftist leaders in Israel. Leader of the (former Israeli) opposition party
under the rule of the Palestinian State.

British Mandate, the British Rule
Before the establishment of the State of Israel, Britain ruled over the territory of Israel. This rule was called the British Mandate.

Caesarea, amphitheater
The ruins of an ancient roman theater on the Mediterranean coast. An active amphitheater in which performances are held.

Dahlan Muhammad, Palestinian leader
Responsible for one of tens of Palestinian security forces.

Dan Region, area
An area in Israel which encompasses all of the communities surrounding Tel-Aviv, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea
from the west, Herzliya and Netanya in the north, Rosh HaAyin and Petah Tikva in the east, and
Rishon LeZion and Rehovot in the south.

Dizengoff, a street in Tel-Aviv
The most famous street in Tel-Aviv. A symbol of the city and its life-style.

Don, Eli, senior Israeli Police officer.
A fictitious character. A policeman hated by Israeli Arabs due to his iron fist.

Durk, Avraham, leader of the Labor Party and Prime Minister in 2010.
A fictitious name. Leader of the Labor Party. Succeeded in becoming elected Prime Minister, thereby deposing Silvan Shalom.

Eden Hill, community
A neighborhood in the city of Zichron Yaakov with an amazing view, down to the entrance of the Milek Valley.

Etzion, a cluster of communities south of Jerusalem.
A number of small communities located close to each other. In the War of Independence, this cluster of communities
fell into the hands of the Jordanian Legion and its residents were either murdered or were taken prisoner by Jordan.
Following the Six Day War, the cluster was re-settled. The cluster is located south of Jerusalem, near the city of Hebron.

Exodus, boat
A Jewish refugee boat which arrived in Israel immediately after World War II, carrying thousands of Jewish refugees
who survived the Holocaust and death camps, who wanted to come to Israel. In accordance with the policy
at the time of the British Mandate, who forcefully took over the refugee boat, it was decided to return it to Germany.
At the time, the affair was reported in huge headlines in the world press, and the name "Exodus" today constitutes
a kind of symbol for the return of the refugees against their will to their country of origin.

Feigin, Yosef, an extreme left-wing leader
Appointed to be a special ambassador for the State of Palestine in the capital cities of the world.

Fureidis, an important junction in North Israel
Located at the opening of the Milek Valley, leading from the coastal area of Israel to the direction of the Yizrael
Valley and Galilee.

Gandi, Zeevi Rechavam, extreme right leader
One of the leaders of the extreme right. Supports the performance of a voluntary transfer of the Arab population from
Israel to Arab countries. Assassinated by a Palestinian in 2001.

Harig, Yosef - a left-wing leader
A fictitious name. One of the leaders of the left in Israel. Minister for Jewish Affairs in the Palestinian government.

Hiria, a large waste deposit in the Dan Region
A huge mountain of garbage located between the Ben-Gurion International Airport in Lod and
Tel-Aviv (a distance of only several kilometers).

IDF, Israel Defense Force

IFF (Israel Freedom Fighters), Underground
I. A small murderous underground, which was active during the days of the British Mandate over Palestine.
II. A small but murderous underground active under the State of Palestine. The underground is fighting for
the independence of Israel and to maintain its Jewish identity. Most of its members are former new immigrants
from Russia and the language spoken in the Underground is Russian.

ILO (Israel Liberation Organization), Underground
A large Israeli Underground active under the State of Palestine. The underground is fighting for the independence of Israel,
with an affiliation to the United States, as another State in the Union, while maintaining the Jewish identity of the State.

Kirya, an area in Tel-Aviv
An area in Tel-Aviv in which the IDF General Staff is located. The Tel-Aviv District and Magistrate Courts and
other prestigious buildings are also located in this area.

Kivi, Ahmed
A fictitious name. An Israeli Member of Parliament, one of the principal Arab leaders in Israel. A liaison between
the governments of Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Law of Return, the Israeli Law
This law ensures asylum and citizenship in the Land of Israel for every Jew by virtue of being a Jew.

Lieberman, Avigdor - an extreme right-wing leader.

Likud, a political party
One of the two largest political parties in Israel. The party is considered to be right-wing.

Ma'ariv, the second largest daily newspaper in Israel.(There're only 2 daily newspapers in Israel)

Meretz, an extreme left-wing party in Israel.

Milek Valley, a central highway leading to North Israel.
One of two ways leading to the Yizrael Valley and Galilee. The highway begins at the Fureidis Junction,
near Zichron Ya'akov, very close to the Arab settlements and ends at the Yoqne'am settlement
at the fringes of the Yizrael Valley.

Mubarak, Hosni - President of Egypt.

Nablus, a Palestinian city in Samaria.

Netanyahu, Bibi, former Prime Minister
The former Prime Minister of Israel, a stubborn competitor of Sharon, Arik for the position of Prime Minister and
the leadership of the Likud Party, a right-wing party in Israel.

Pig, an animal forbidden for consumption by Jews and Muslims.
The pig is forbidden for consumption and is considered to be an abomination by Jews and Muslims alike.

Rajub, Jibril - a Palestinian leader
Responsible for one of tens of Palestinian security forces.

Reut, an Israeli community
Located near Modi'in, on the way to Jerusalem. The community is mostly settled by IDF officers and veterans.

Settlements, communities
Israeli communities built after the Six Day War (1967) in Judah, Samaria and Gaza and which became
the topic of a struggle for legitimacy of the Israeli nation to build its country. The Israeli extreme left parties completely
repudiate the settlements. The Labor Party adopted this position with the inception of the Oslo Process.
The right-wing parties continually supported the reinforcement of the Jewish settlements in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.
The subject turned into a political and international diplomacy struggle and the Palestinian Authority fought
against the settlements, presenting them as an occupation.

Shalom, Silvan, former Prime Minister
Serves as the Minister of the Treasury during the cadence of Arik Sharon. Arik Sharon's heir as the Prime Minister.
Succeeded in triumphing over Bibi Netanyahu for the position of Prime Minister, immediately at the end of the first war
(as described in the story, "le Deluge").
Married to a woman with familial ties to the largest and most influential daily newspaper in Israel.

Sharon, Arik, former Prime Minister
Prime Minister of Israel during the years 2001 to 2002, during his cadence, Israel triumphed over the State of Palestine
and the Arab countries, as described in the story "le Deluge".

Shas, a mainstream-right religious political party
Mainly supported by wide religious circles in the middle-lower classes of Israeli society.

Shekel, the name of the Israeli currency

Shinui, a mainstream political party
A mainstream party with liberal positions, mainly supported by the middle classes. Its goal is to fortify the rule of law
and to battle religious coercion and the religious political parties.

Shitrit Meir, a right-wing leader
One of the Likud leaders, considered to be a dove. In the past, announced his intentions to present his candidacy
for the head of the party.

TAW, anti-tank missiles, manufactured in the United States.

Tenezim, a terrorist organization
One of the tens of organizations of the Palestinian Authority engaged in terror against the State of Israel and its citizens.

War of Independence
The first war of the State of Israel, which commenced with the announcement of its establishment in 1948.

Yedioth Aharonoth, the largest daily newspaper in Israel.

Yeshiva Students, a population sector of the Israeli public
Young, religious men of draft age. Israel has a compulsory draft to the military for a three year service.
There are many Yeshiva students who do not serve in the military, but rather study Torah in the Yeshiva
during this period, while tolerating restrictions on themselves for this period and for the following years.
Due to the burgeoning of Yeshiva students, this recently became a bone of contention in the Israeli society
between the secular and Orthodox populations.

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